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We help authors publish ethically

Researcher’s dedication to publishing ethically may be compromised from angles as diverse as increasing competitive pressure, junior author oversight, incompatible research training, and lack of awareness of the differences in different institutions’ ethical standards. LetPub monitors papers for ethical violations, such as accidental plagiarism, so that they can be addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.

LetPub is proud to serve as an advisor on this matter. Because LetPub editors are often the first readers other than the authors of a given paper, we can provide advice and assistance in a timely manner, which avoids not only the real consequences of misconduct in academic publication but also embarrassment and tarnished reputations. The majority of ethical violations that we see are unintentional. Early-career scientists in particular are often not aware of the pitfalls that can leave their papers outside the bounds of ethical research.

LetPub is fully committed to following best practices and supporting our authors in their own commitment to publish ethically through both author education and an optimized editorial process.