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Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism and the regulations surrounding it can be a confusing problem for authors. Journals consider plagiarism a form of scientific misconduct and their response may include rejection and long-term censorship.

  • If an author uses the same words from a past publication (book, journal article, website, etc.), but the copyright is held by the publisher, it is considered plagiarism, even if it they are the author of said work.
  • Many publishers, journals, and funding agencies routinely use software to check for plagiarism and ensure the originality of work before publication.

LetPub has licensed the same software (iThenticate) that major publishers use to help our authors evaluate your manuscripts and grant applications prior to submission to detect any potential problems. This package compares the text to 50+ million published research articles and 60+ billion web pages in 30 different languages.

How it works

Click on Get Started and you will be directed to the inquiry form.
Upload your document and fill out the form.
Within 24 hours, you receive a similarity report highlighting all text flagged for plagiarism*.
*We do not guarantee the detection of any plagiarism not identified using iThenticate. Please note that this service does not involve plagiarism correction through editing or re-writing.
We understand the painstaking efforts that go into the creation of all the manuscripts. We have multiple measures in place to guarantee 100% confidentiality and protection of your and others’ intellectual property.
We offer volume discounts if you would like to screen the entire research output of your university department, lab, or research group.

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