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Language Editing Service

Sometimes, language deficiencies alone, rather than the quality of the study data, can prevent the publication of a research article. No research team should leave reviewers with a substandard impression because of language problems that could have been fixed prior to submission. LetPub’s language editing service helps international researchers eliminate language barriers and see their work recognized and published in prestigious journals worldwide.

All of our language editors are native English speakers with long-term experience writing, editing, and reviewing scientific and technical papers. They have professional or educational backgrounds in various fields, such as clinical studies, chemistry, physics, engineering, life sciences, and social sciences. With LetPub’s language editing service, papers are matched to editors with relevant field experience who repair typos, correct grammar and punctuation, and replace words and sentences with smoother, clearer, and more formal text as needed. After language editing is complete, the manuscript is sent for a final round of editing and thorough examination by one of our managing editors to ensure quality.

Our editors’ mastery of the language and their abundant experience editing journal articles can meet reviewers’ strictest requirements, presenting papers to the world in perfect, publication-ready English.

Our Service

Our Guarantee

Our track record allows us to offer the following guarantee: If the client accepts all recommended changes and the paper is still rejected by the journal solely for English language reasons, LetPub will re-edit the document for free or provide a full refund of the initial standard copy-editing service.
* Material added to your manuscript after the document is returned to the client or otherwise inaccessible by LetPub is not included in this guarantee.

Upgrade Package: Language editing service for the whole course of peer-review

For added ease of mind, select the upgrade package so both your manuscript and response letter(s) during the entire review process* will be edited.
* Limited to one target journal; a complete version of your manuscript should be submitted to us upfront.

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Service Pricing Chart

Language Editing Service
7 business days 3 business days 48 hours
Fewer than 500 words $91 $99 $113
500~1500 words $197 $211 $243
1501~3000 words $352 $380 $437
3001~4000 words $394 $436 $502
4001~5000 words $436 $479 $550
5001~6000 words $493 $535 $599
6001~8000 words $563 $619 $683
More than 8000 words $77/1000 words $83/1000 words -

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